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Board of Education

Board Members

The board meets the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:00 the board room at George Daily Auditorium. The board may meet at other times as determined by the board.

Picture of Board of Education for 2017-18 School Year

Shelly Herr - President

Sharma Parlett - Vice President

Carl Drost

Erik Edgren

Amanda McGraw

Kraig VanHulzen

Lynette Stream

Chad Vink - Board Secretary/Treasurer/Business Manager



Board Goals

October 11, 2016


Goal Focus for 2016-2017

  • Close the 2015/16 gap by at least half where OCSD scores are below the state or national average percentage of students proficient during the 2016/17 school year in the areas of Reading and Math as measured by the following:

Grades 3-10     Iowa Assessments          State Average

 MAP (NWEA score)           National Average

Grades K-2      FAST Spring 80% in tier 1 (proficient with core instruction)

Additionally, begin collecting data on percentage of students achieving at least 1-year growth to use for 17/18 measure.

  • Improve School Culture for all staff and students.
    • Conduct a survey of students, staff, and parents to measure culture.
    • Develop an action plan based on survey results.
    • Decrease office referrals and increase integrity and attendance through PBIS.
    • Investigate therapy or emotional support animals for the lower grades.

Extended Goals

Student Achievement

  • Be at or above state average on Iowa Assessments Score, above National Average on MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) Measures, and achieve 80% in Tier 1 of Aimsweb measures in Math and Reading.


  • Improve solvency ratio to 10% by 2020.
  • Improve Spending Authority to $4 million by 2019.

Long Term Planning

  • Provide and keep up to date data on enrollment trends (5, 10, 20 years).
  • Look into Sharing Agreements with other Schools & Municipalities.


  • Continue integration and implementation of technology into classroom instruction/curriculum at all levels.

School Climate

  • Improve staff and student morale.
  • Keep teachers and staff involved in changes.


  • Reassess the district’s 5-year facilities plan based on future enrollment projections.
  • Investigate participation in a possible new Early Childhood facility in the community.

Community District Relationships

  • Encourage Board of Education members to visit classrooms, building events, and District activities.

Board Professional development

  • Attend the Annual IASB State Convention and two (2) IASB meetings per year.

The Board designates that the Superintendent and Administration will lead on achieving the above goals.