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Board of Education

Board Members

The board meets on the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 6:00 the board room at George Daily Auditorium. The board may meet at other times as determined by the board.

Picture of Board of Education for 2017-18 School Year

Shelly Herr - President

Sharma Parlett - Vice President

Carl Drost

Erik Edgren

Amanda McGraw

Kraig VanHulzen

Lynette Stream

Chad Vink - Board Secretary/Treasurer/Business Manager



Oskaloosa School Board Goals 2017-18

Mission:  Engage ALL students to embrace the power of learning


Goal #1   Improving Student Achievement

 Provide and focus resources on monitoring and improving student achievement.

 Evidence of goal being met:

  • Percentage of students “proficient or higher” and “advanced” in reading, math, and science each increase by at least 1% in each category using matched cohorts using Iowa Assessments.
  • 80% of all students K-5 measured as proficient (Tier 1) as measured by FAST
  • Board will study data and align needed resources to support improved college and career readiness through utilize Iowa Report Card, IA Assessments, drop-out data, post-secondary survey results and National Student Clearinghouse.
  • Review development plans and progress in implementation of new curriculum (Wonders, Math, and Writing)


Goal #2    Culture and Climate

Provide a positive and learning environment for faculty, staff, students and families of our district and improve communication and perception of the district.

Evidence of goal being met:

  • Review Culture survey results (Kick up Tool) and monitor change management processes for all areas that score below a 4 on a 1-5 scale.
  • Stay engaged with the work of the salary, benefits and handbook committees in order to attract and retain the best staff we can responsibly afford.  
  • Monitor Number of office referrals, in school suspension and out of school suspensions with goals of trends declining in all buildings
  • Engage the community and staff to address behavior and mental health issues which interfere with learning.


Goal #3 Financial and Infrastructure

Meet financial goals that target solvency ratio and spending authority and develop longer range plans for facility and equipment needs of the district.

Evidence of Goal being met:

  • Solvency ratio improving towards 10% goal for 2020
  • Spending Authority improving towards $4 Million goal for 2019
  • 10 year plan for facilities and major equipment purchases and maintenance in place
  • Explore longer term concept of elementary school expansion into K-2 and 3-5 buildings at existing site
  • Define school’s role and needs in the early childhood and recreation center project.


Goal #4 Board Development

The board will engage in regular development activities to become a collaborative team focused on setting and achieving goals and policies of the district.

Evidence of Goal being met:

  • Monthly conversations at the board table or at a work sessions focused on educating the board on their role in governance of the district.