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Campus Portal Information

Infinite Campus logoInfinite Campus Parent Portal Information

Infinite Campus is our student information system. This system is a district database that staff use to keep track of student demographics, contact information, health, attendance, schedules, grades, behavior and more.

The Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows parents to login and see a wealth of information on their student(s).

Each school building can determine what information parent’s can access on the portal, so students at different levels may see different information.

Information available to parents may include:

  • Schedule
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • Current Grades
  • Email addresses of teachers in grade book
  • Report Cards
  • Online Registration
  • Ability to update household information
  • Fees
  • Lunch Account Information

All information on the parent portal is unofficial.

If you do not have a Parent Portal Account:

Fill Out the Parent Infinite Campus Request Form

If you have an account, but have forgotten your username or password:

Click the Help button on the portal login screen to recover your username or reset your password.  To follow those directions, you will need to have previously set and remember your Parent Portal image preferences and must still have access to the email address that you entered for password reset purposes.

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