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Chromebook Tips

Here are Some Tips and How-To's for Using Your Chromebook


How to clear browsing data/history:

If you get a white page saying is blocked when you try to go to McGraw Hill through your google, you need to clear your browsing data/history:
Click on the 3 dots at top right in chrome browser and choose history, select history again.
Choose clear browsing data on the left side.
Make sure to change at the top to say All Time, not just last hour.
Make sure all 3 boxes are checked.
Then click clear data.
Sign out of chromebook and sign back in.
Personal google accounts will no longer work on the chromebooks, so if you try to switch your account, you will see this block page which would be normal for that situation.


Plugging in devices, chargers, etc. to USB on Dell Chromebook:

If you need to plug in a device that you are trying to charge or that needs power to operate, use the USB port on the left side of the Dell as you have it open. There are known issues with the right side causing a power overload and it will cause your Dell chromebook to not power on until our repair center resets it. The left side is a USB 3.0 port where the right side is only 2.0.


How to save a Google Doc or Google Sheet in a Microsoft Word or Excel format to turn in to a college class:

This is simple to do. Go to File - Download As and choose the format you want to save it in. Or you can choose Email as Attachment if you are emailing it, and choose the format you need in Attach As in the popup window.


How to auto convert Microsoft Word or Excel files when saving or uploading them to Google Drive, which saves a step of choosing Open With...:

Open Google Drive and click the gear icon near the top and to ther right of the window, choose settings.

Put a checkmark in the box next to Convert uploaded files...

Close the settings window.


My keyboard is typing the wrong letters:

Go to the settings by clicking the lower right task bar with the time, wifi signal, etc.  Your keyboard probably got changed. Set it back to "US Keyboard"


How can I edit my Google Docs offline with no internet?

And tips for other offline use:


How do I make videos on my chromebook?

You can use WeVideo or Screencastify. 

WeVideo is limited to 5 minutes and Screencastify 10 minutes. Screencastify lets you make videos using your computer screen, like tutorials on how to use a computer.

Here's a video on how to use Screencastify:


How to add non-YouTube videos to Google Slide Presentation:


How do I add apps or extensions to my Chromebook?

Click on the magnifying glass icon your taskbar and go to Web Store. If you don't see it listed there, go to All Apps and find Web Store in there.
We limit what apps and extensions you can install. The common ones you are allowed to install are in the Chrome Store for your school. You can install any of those apps or extensions. There are some organizational tools, assistive technology apps and other apps that your teachers have requested students use for their class. You can browse other apps in the regular web store, but will not be allowed to install them.

How can I edit a PDF file:

When you open a PDF in Google Drive, it will open with a black border behind it and at the top it says Open With. Click the Open With and choose either Lumin PDF or Doc Hub. I prefer Lumin PDF as it's a simpler interface but try either one and see which one works best for you. Then click the text tool - it shows a letter A in the toolbar and click it where you want to type an answer. Then type in that box. You can also change color of text and draw lines.


My wifi won't connect at home:

Our chromebooks are compatible with (802.11b, 802.11g, 802.11n) (WEP, WPA, WPA2)

Make sure your home router isn't limiting the devices that can connect to it by their MAC addresses. If it is, your chromebook would need manually added to the router to allow it to connect.

Make sure your DHCP settings in your router have enough addresses allowed for all of the devices that are connecting in the home.

Try rebooting your router.

If it still isn't connecting, also try shutting down the chromebook completely and powering it back on and log in.