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What do we want students to learn?

The Oskaloosa School District is committed to delivering a guaranteed and viable curriculum to all students.  To create a viable curriculum, it must be determined how the stated curricuum can be adaquetly taught in the available instructional time.  A guaranteed curriculum defines what each students should know, understand, and be able to do related to a standard.  This level of detail provides a roadmap for all students to achieve mastery of the curriulum while not dictating how teacher much teach day-to-day.  This framework provides specificity and structure for the teacher while allowing for differentiation and teacher autonomy.  A guaranteed and viable curriculum begins with the state and/or national standards and is outlined in further detail during the curricuum and PLC proceses, so it can be easily understood and readily used by all teachers.   

The Curriculum Cycle and Process

All content areas engage in a seven-year curriculum cycle and process.  Each year of the process is specifically outlined to ensure review of the standards, review of necessary materials, tranining on materials and instructional strategies, and on-going evaluation of the materials and continued needs.

The Oskaloosa Curriculum Cycle

Contents Areas and Instructional Support Services

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The Oskaloosa Syllabus

For periodic information regarding Oskaloosa, please read our Oskaloosa Syllabus!

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