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Cyber Security

Data Breaches/Hacking

Data breaches are happening daily that mine your login account information from companies. It is suggested that all staff sign up on with your school and personal email accounts to get alerts when your email has been found in a data breach. Just click the Notify Me link at the top of the page to sign up.

If your email is found, you will receive an email with what data was involved. If passwords were breached, search for your password on the Passwords link: If your password is known, do not use the password any longer. Change it wherever it is used. If your school email password is known, contact Shari to change it. Even if passwords weren't breached for the site, it would be a good idea to change your password for that site.

It is suggested to use passphrases now, which is a combination of words and letters and special characters.

Other tips for keeping your passwords secure:

Do not write passwords down and leave them where they can be easily found.

Do not let others watch closely when you are typing in your password.

Do not use public wifi for financial websites that require you to login and preferably not for other sites you need to login to. Public wifi can be snooped and login credentials captured.

Do not use the same password for multiple sites.

Use pass phrases, the longer the better.