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Food Service Ala Carte

Ala Carte

Ala Carte...what IS it?

Ala Carte is separate from lunch, & is only available to middle & high school students.  Ala Carte provides additional items for purchase in the event that the student would like to eat or drink something besides what's on the menu for lunch that day.

Students pay for Ala Carte in two ways: 1) using their Student ID, which will take the amount from their Food Service account, or 2) they can pay cash.  Students who have a negative balance are not able to purchase Ala Carte using their Student ID; they must pay cash.  The same goes for a student who receives free meals, as Ala Carte purchases are not part of their meal.  Also: milk @ OES counts as an ala carte purchase, so if your student has a negative balance, they will not be able to purchase milk.