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Grade Level Benchmark Reporting

Grade Level Benchmark Grading and Reporting

Clip art of school busGrade Level Benchmark Grading and Reporting reflects what a student knows and is able to demonstrate as described by the Oskaloosa Community School District's Grade Level Benchmarks and Components.

The Oskaloosa Community School District planned and prepared for the implementation of the new grading and reporting system which happened in the fall of 2011. Some of  links below will help you to better understand the implementation of the new GLB-Based Grading and Reporting.

Other links included outline the philosophy and beliefs of grading and reporting all staff members are required to adhere to in their classroom.

The purpose of grading and report cards in the Oskaloosa CSD is to provide quality, specific feedback to students and parents regarding the progress being made toward meeting established Learning Targets.

Grading and Reporting Guideline Book

Power Point Presentation
Explaining GLB-Based Reporting

1-4 Code Expanded Meaning

Communication Plan for
GLB-Based Grading Roll Out

Grading and Reporting Brochure

Grade Point Average - New for 2011-2012

Standards-Based Reporting
versus GLB-Based Reporting

Reporting Phases

Standards Based Grading Video