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Mentoring and Fresh Start


Mentoring is a required program in Iowa supported in the Oskaloosa School District with the New Teacher Mentoring Program.

A two-year program, the New Teacher Mentoring Program provides an on-site mentor to the beginning teacher/new professional.  The Mentoring Handbook, outlining the New Teacher Mentoring Program is linked on the right side of the page.

The first year is a transition into the district and the mentor and the mentoring facilitator ensure new professionals have the necessary support to be successful classroom teachers!

The second year focuses on the Iowa Teaching Standards and classroom practice.  A portfolio is created providing evidence of two years of successful teaching.

Fresh Start is a support group to assist new teachers to the Oskaloosa Community School District.

The Fresh Start facilitator provides support as new teachers to the district learn about Oskaloosa and adapt to a new environment. Whether you have taught before or are just starting your teaching career, support is required to adjust.   The Fresh Start Program is designed to do just that!

Many things are learned about the new district as this group meets frequently at the beginning of the school year.  As teachers become adjusted to the district, the Fresh Start group meets less frequently.  The overall goal is to make new teachers to the district feel like they belong to our Learning Community and have the necessary support to be successful classroom teachers!

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