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What do we do if students didn't learn it?  What do we do if students already knew it?

A Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) is a district-wide, systematic decision-making process focused on best-practices in instruction and assessment that addresses the needs of all students.  An MTSS process ensures there are supports for both intervention and enrichment in academic and behavioral areas throughout the system.  Creating an effective MTSS system is an ongoing process requiring constant evalution and revision based on data.

Oskaloosa's MTSS Mission

Using the framework of MTSS, the Oskaloosa Community School District commits to engaging in best practices to improve academic and behavioral outcomes for all students through evidence-based universal, targeted, and intensive instruction and on-going data-driven evaluation.

Oskaloosa's MTSS Model

There are three tiers of support within an MTSS model.  All students are served within the Universal Tier through effective classroom instruction.  If the Universal Tier is not sufficient for students, the additional tiers are layered on top of the classroom instruction to ensure more time to learn and practice skills in a smaller group setting focused on individual needs.  Teachers use various assessments and the PLC process to determine which students need additional support with the MTSS framework.

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