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School Supply Lists

1st Grade
2nd Grade
3rd Grade
4th Grade
5th Grade

Grades 6-8


Laptops:  Students will be provided a small padded sleeve to put their Chromebook in. Students may put this sleeve with their chromebook into their current backpack or another bag to carry it with their books. A hard cover is not necessary for the chromebooks. A USB flash drive may be useful for some projects.

All High School Math Classes Required Materials:
Scientific Calculator – Suggested TI-30X IIS (Texas Instruments)
Graph Paper
Loose Leaf Paper
1 inch three ring binder  (or larger)
Ruler: inches and centimeters (preferably one that will attach to binder.)
Pencils and erasers
Ink pens: Blue, Black and Red (or colored pencils)

Geometry and Topics in Geometry Required Materials:
Protractor (measures angles)
Crayons or colored pencils