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Science instruction is aligned to the new Iowa Core standards and has a three-dimensional approach to science instruction:

  • Scientific and Engineering Practices: Practices and skills students engage with to experince science concepts
  • Disciplinacy Core Ideas:  Content knowledge students should know and be able to do in four strands (life science, physical science, earth and space science, and engineering and technology)
  • Crosscutting Concepts:  Concepts used in science that are also used in other content areas

All three dimensions of the science standards are taught and explored within each grade level; however, the science curriculum team has chosen priority standards that will be focused on and assessed more often to ensure readiness for the next grade level or course, college or career, and state level assessments.  Oskaloosa will have full implementation of the new Iowa Core science standards in the 2018-2019 school year.

Science Mission Statement

Students at OCSD will engage in authentic collaboration to understand real-world phenomena through inquiry-based investigations to become scientifically literate members of our community.


New science materials will be implemented in grades K-8 in the 2018-2019 school year.

Teachers in grades K-5 use Amplify's science materials as the base of the curriculum.  Other resources may be supplemented to ensure mastery of the standards.

Teachers in grades 6-8 use Carolina STEM's science materials as the base of the curriculum.   Other resources may be supplemented to ensure mastery of the standards.

Teachers in grades 9-12 use various resources, texts, and lab materials depending on the course of study.

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Iowa Core Standards

Progess Report Statements

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Grade 6 Grade 7 Grade 8 Physical Science Biology Advanced Biology
Earth Science Chemistry I Chemistry II Physics I Physics II Anatomy
Environmental Science Astronomy/ Meterology Forensics PBL Science