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Social Studies

New social studies standards were approved by the state of Iowa in 2017.  Schools have been given a three-year window in order to fully implement these new standards and instructional methods.  These new standards have two different types of standards:

  • Inquiry Anchor Standards: Define key disciplinary skills within social studies (constructing questions, evaluating sources, developing claims and using evidence, communicating conclusions, taking action)
  • Content Anchor Standards: Key disciplines that make up social studies (behavioral science, civics/government, economics, financial literacy, geography, and history). 

Both types of standards are taught to each student; however, the social studies curriculum team will choose priority standards that will be focused on and assessed more often to ensure readiness for the next grade level or course, college or career, and state level assessments.  The curriculum team will continue to review the standards, assess current social studies instruction, and make changes in the upcoming years to ensure we are aligned with the new Iowa Core social studies standards.

Science Mission Statement

Through collaborative, inquiry opportunities, the students of Oskaloosa will be empowered with the knowledge, perspectives, and critical thinking skills needed to become informed and active global citizens.

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