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Special Education

The Oskaloosa Community School District works hard to provide the learning supports to all students across the district.  Students with an individualized education program may require additional accommodations and/or modifications to their curriculum, instruction, or assessments.  The documents on this page are a culmination of work completed by a District Special Education Team.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Cooksley at the district central office.

Special Education Documents and Links

Special Education Delivery Plan Special Education Delivery Plan Supplement Special Education Transition Plan Link to the SPED Wiki
Special Education To-Do List - Yearly Reporting Calendar Data Collection for SPED Program Evaluation Oskaloosa Para-Educator/Nurse Guidebook Exit Rubric
Accommodations and Modifications for ADHD Possible Interventions Para-Educator Evaluation Curriculum Matrix
Instructional Delivery Matrix Assessment Matrix Grading and Reporting Matrix Iowa Administration Rules for SPED 2010
Link to the Iowa Core Grading Criteria for SPED Worksheet for Modifying GLB's Where to Begin when Modifying GLB's
SPED Road Map example MAP for SPED K-8 Curriculum At-a-Glance (Math and LA) Special Education Caseload Rubric
K-12 Osky SAS Sheet Accommodation sign-off sheet List of Accommodations and Modifications Strategies to deal with Hyperactive students
  Grading Process/Guidelines for SPED - Flowchart