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Technology Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

Technology Professional Development can no longer be a one-size-fits-all approach to learning!  Having said that, teachers will be developing Individual Learning Plans (ILP) to develop and grow expertise with technology and information literacy skills – with a direct emphasis on using it with students to enhance instruction!!  Either continue a current plan, or investigate new learning – it ‘s the teacher’s choice!

Another way to think about this is to determine which 21st century skill needing enhancement for students through the use of technology.  For instance, I am looking for a way for my students to increase their writing skills.  What might increase motivation and writing skills/practice for students?  Maybe I want to learn how to use blogs to increase my student’s capacity – maybe I want to learn how to use Go Animate?  Don’t know what there is out there?  Let us know the skills you are trying to increase and we will help provide the tools to learn.

Individual Learning Plans will be submitted at the beginning of the year. You may submit an individual plan or a group plan.  Either way, individual teachers must complete each phase as an invidual, not as a group.

Teachers will identify a specific skill to embed in instruction and then begin at a specific level of learning:  “Plug and Play” (researching), “Launching” (implementation), “Pausing” (reflection) or “High Performance” (innovation).


Getting Started! 

Every teacher will submit an Individual Learning Plan

  • You will get a pennant for display in their classroom after you submit your plan - either as an individiual or as a group.  As individuals move up the levels of learning and

    implementation, they will be given a new “ribbon of success” to add to the existing pennant. 

  • When they are ready to move to the next level, simply turn in the current “ribbon of success” for a new one, portraying the level of learning at now! Display it proudly in the classroom and include students in the goal and learning around the new technology

  •  You will be asked to complete an electronic form in the fall sent by the Technology Coordinator –Below is the planning form so you can be thoughtful with your choice
  1. SMART Goal for my Personal Learning Plan is …
  2. The stage of learning I am in is…. (Plug and Play, Launching, Pausing, or High Performance)
  3. I chose this as my Personal Learning Plan goal because …
  4. I would like to work with other colleagues on this SMART Goal – they are….
  5. Expected benefits as a result of my SMART goal will be …
  6. What, if anything, do you anticipate as barriers to your success with your Learning Plan?
  7. What assistance might you need to meet the goals of your Learning Plan?
  8. I will know I have been successful on my SMART Goal (how will you measure success on your Personal Learning Plan?) when …

Levels of Success - Individual Learning Plan for Technology (ILP)

Plug and Play:

What skills being taught to students might be enhanced with the use of technology? Need a way to engage students more effectively? Will technology help accomplish the goal? If the applications are unknown then maybe researching or collaborating with someone will assist in developing a plan for implementation.  If this is the case, then start at this level. Stay here for a time, but plan on implementation within the first few months.  What help is needed?  Reach out!


Teachers that have a foundational understanding of a variety of technologies can begin researching/developing ways to incorporate this technology into their classrooms. This could include combining technology with current teachings in their classroom or explore a new teaching method that incorporates technology (flipped learning, blended learning, etc.). Instructional Coaches, Principal, Curriculum Director or Tech Director can work directly with you to assist in your research or deciding if you are ready for Launch.

  1. What is _________?

  2. How does it tie into my curriculum?

  3. How do I teach this to students?

Linked Resources:


Ready to take the research and the plan to the next step, or already know something to implement?  Then start at this level. What is needed to ensure success with students?  What does success look like?  What adjustments need to be made along the way?


Now you are ready to implement your research into your own classroom. Your Instructional Coach, Principal, Curriculum Director or Tech Director can work with you to work through the necessary steps for effective implementation.

  • What steps need to be taken?

  • What resources/technologies need to be pulled in to integrate your research?

  • What worked? What didn't work?

  • What changes have you seen with how you teach?

  • What changes have you seen in how your students are learning?

  • What formative assessments data did you collect to see if the integration worked?

Linked Resources:


Feeling satisfied by the implementation and ready to reflect on success? Move to this level!  Reflect on:  What went well, what didn’t go well, and how to fix it.  Once identified areas for improvement have been determined, go back and adjust.  Reflect again and get ready to make the implementation even better! How might students be included in this process?


You now present/shareout to the staff your new learning and how you attempted to implement it.

  • What steps did you take?

  • What worked/didn't work?

  • Moments of personal enlightenment.

  • What Iowa Teaching Standards did you meet in the process?

Linked Resources:

High Performance: 

After reflection and refinement of instruction using the technology, move to the highest level!  Were students included in the use of the technology? How do students feel about the technology or application?  What successes have has been seen with the implementation? Stay here and continue to refine, or think about another idea you want to explore.  The skies the limit!


The height of learning occurs when you share what you learned with others.  Look at the checklist and determine how you might share your learning with others.

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